Icoled , a IOT animated light pendant 10/17

Bert Simons (digital)craft & cgi.

This slideshow shows a selection of recent works, more projects and details are in my portfolio here.
My cgi works are at:
Studio KEPER
product configurator for Animo
javascript Product configurator for Animo
cgi watertaps for Quooker 01/18
cgi rendered watertaps combined with photography backdrop
Dr Bibber game for Draka NL 10/17
Arduino controlled game for Draka booth
Philips coffee machines
several renders for Philips
spirograph experiment in 3d 06/18
spirograph drawings translated to 3-dimensional objects with grasshopper
render of a papercraft buste 01/17
paper Buste of Hanneke Kuijpers
about us

Bert Simons

I graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 91 and started making stuff since, furniture, architectural models, prototypes etc. few years later digital techniques got involved in the process of design and making and I slowly got familiar with cad, programming, electronics etc. To this day the my technical interest and curiosity constantly drive me to get my hands on a new technique and find out if I can make something with it.